Meet the Team

Carmit Avidan-Shpalter


Ariel Halevi

Co founder & Director

Gur Braslavi

Co founder & Director 

Carmit has vast expertise in international management and marketing and has held management positions in the global pharmaceutical company Perrigo, the Israeli innovation authority, and other businesses.

Carmit is one of the founders of “Orin-Shpalter Financial Education,  Ltd”, a leader in the field of financial training, in which she served as a lecturer and marketing manager.

She holds a B.A. in Bioinformatics (Ben-Gurion University), an M.S.  in Biotechnology (Tel Aviv University, Magna cum laude) and an MBA (Tel Aviv University).

"I believe that curiosity, great passion for learning, and excellence in everything we do will safely lead us toward continuous success."

Co-founder of VAYOMAR, with Gur Braslavi. Ariel oversees the company’s business development and consults to business executives of global enterprises.

Ariel holds an M.A. in Government, specializing in National Security Studies and Counter-Terrorism from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

During his academic studies, Ariel was the president of the competitive Debate Club and was the Debate champion in Israel for two consecutive years and in Oxford, England.

Prior to his studies, Ariel founded and managed several Israeli hi-tech companies that have branches in Australia, England and Holland.

Gur founded VAYOMAR with Ariel Halevi. Gur oversees the company’s business development and specializes in consulting and mentoring for business executives and politicians,  both in Israel and abroad.

Additionally, Gur teaches MBA students in several universities.

Gur has an M.A. in Government, specializing in Counter-Terrorism.  He graduated with honors from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, after completing his B.A. in Business Administration and Law.  Gur is also a graduate of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program for outstanding under-graduate students.

During his academic studies, Gur was named first runner-up in the European Debate Competition in 2001.

Gur is also a member of Shaham - The Israeli Actors Organization.

In 2009, Gur’s first book, “The Gold Mask,” was published. The book presents a modern approach for consulting senior executives and decision makers.. 


Yaron Chayat

Senior Consultant

Yaron brings vast and diverse experience in consulting and in business. At the forefront of the company’s international activities, Yaron is a graduate of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, majoring in law and business. He is also a member of the prestigious Sam Zell entrepreneurship program.


Soon after passing the Israeli Bar exam, Yaron co-founded a company that developed renewable energy projects and traded emission-reduction credits according to the Kyoto protocol. With his well-established experience, Yaron has served as a private consultant to companies in the areas of infrastructure and energy in their business activities in emerging markets. 

As a competitive debater in the university, he won awards internationally and in Israel. Yaron was the first Israeli to win a European debating championship (as part of a two-man team) and other championships and titles. Yaron was the chairman of the debate team for the IDC and served as the debating coach for other debating clubs in other universities.

Shiraz Cohen-Grad



Shiraz is a senior lecturer & consultant at VAYOMAR for communication, innovation, and management.

Shiraz leads management development programs, implements innovation programs, and leads interpersonal communication workshops in global organizations and companies, such as Google, Pfizer, Amdocs, and Mobileye. 


She is also a lecturer in academic institutions, including the international track at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. "What guides me in my work is to understand what the target audience needs and adopt the optimal approach and solution – while integrating the worlds of business, psychology, and communi-cation."

Shiraz has completed her MBA in psychology with honors and is a certified trainer.

Bar Omri

Recruiting Manager

Bar oversees the recruitment and screening processes in our Education Department.

Prior to joining VAYOMAR, she worked at Israel Experts. Bar holds a B.A. (with honors) in Human Resources and Multi-disciplinary Studies. 


Nira Falberg

Finance Manager

Coming Soon

Ella Bokobza

Business Development

Ella manages business development with government ministries, authorities and the social sector. Ella holds a B.A. in Criminology and Land of Israel Studies from Bar-Ilan University, and is a graduate of the MBA program for outstanding leadership of the Mandel Institute in cooperation with Ben Gurion University.

Ella has many years of experience in informal education and was the first emissary on behalf of the Jewish Agency in Missouri. Prior to joining the company, Ella established "Desert Bird" - a support community for new immigrants and single soldiers. She worked as a group facilitator for social activism and managed the partner relations of the Jewish Agency's mission unit.

Shoham Reshef

Director of client relations

Shoham oversees client relations with corporations and believes that a personal touch and a tailored solution to the client’s needs will bring about the company’s, and the client’s, success.

Shoham joined VAYOMAR in 2017 and plays a crucial role in the company’s growth in the business sector. Shoham has a B.A in History and Philosophy (with honors) from Tel Aviv University. Prior to joining VAYOMAR, Shoham worked as a guide to at-risk teens in the “Different Place” hostel and in “Promoting Teens”.


Aviram Goldstin

Senior Consultant

Aviram joined the company during his Informal Education and Social and Citizenship Science Studies at Beit Berl Academic College, where he served as Chairman of the Student Union.

Aviram joined VAYOMAR as an instructor in the Educational Department and advanced within the company to the position of advisor and consultant in the business sector.

Aviram has vast experience in the educational world (boarding schools for youth at risk, student projects in Israel, and more), and has a wide background in sales (from carts to insurance and luxury car sales).

Guy Shulberg



ASenior Instructor in Debate Ltd, Guy consults with various entrepreneur-ship programs and organizations, teaches intercommunication skills and massage-building to start-ups and self-improvers.

Guy has a great passion for learning,  and a B.A. in History and International relations from Hebrew University. He strives to understand reality, languages, and the nature of knowledge,  and is an avid observer of the technological revolutions we are living through. He also enjoys being challenged by unfamiliar viewpoints. 

 Shiran Azoulay



Shiran is a senior consultant and lecturer specializing in inter-personal communication and innovation.

Shiran's professional experience is extensive, including organizations in the business sector (Lumenis, Mizrahi Tefahot), the public sector (the Prime Minister's Office, the Tel Aviv Municipality and the Israel Police), and the academic sector (IDC Herzliya, Ben-Gurion University). 

Shiran also consults many startups and managers in different positions. She leads many complex processes in these organizations and others, including the achievement of predefined goals, while adapting to and taking into consideration the organizational goals and strategies, as well as the specific and unique challenges of each project.