Vayomar is a global consulting firm specializing in interpersonal communication and management skills. Vayomar's specialty is to create quantifiable methodologies that create an increase in revenue, saves costs and improves the efficiency of an organization's use of its resources.

Vayomar conducts four main programs:

  1. Innovation program

  2. Management development program

  3. Sales enablement program

  4. Public speaking and presentation program

Vayomar has over 150 employees, based in Israel and in New York, and works with some of the largest Fortune 500 global corporations.

Our vision

Vayomar's vision is to help organizations and individuals achieve their goals through improving the way they express themselves. Vayomar boosts its partners capabilities and helps them rephrase their ideas in order to achieve clear and quantifiable results. We do this through a structured process based on three main pillars: Instruction, Consultations and Measurements.



Gur Braslavi

Co founder & Director 

Ariel Halevi
Co founder & Director

Carmit Avidan-Shplater

Shiraz Cohen-Grad



Ella Bokobza

Business Developmet

 Shiran Azoulay

 Senior Consultant

Yaron Chayat

Senior Consultant

Guy Shulberg

Senior Consultant

Aviram Goldstin



Bar Omri



Nira Falberg

Finance Manager

Shoam Reshef

Director of client relations

Giving Back

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